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App Features

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yacht data icon

Yacht Data

Yacht Data

This includes data that is generally already in the public domain, and will currently appear in the MarineTraffic or Vessel Finder Apps, and displays on AIS data. Also additional details about the yacht and owner / skipper that are typically required by Port Police, Coast Guard and Marinas when checking in on arrival in a port / marina or moving from country to country. All information you record remains private within the database unless ‘you’ decide to share it with trusted third parties like insurers or surveyors, but only when you choose to.

crew list icon

Crew List

Crew List

Enables owners to record details of all the crew (family, friends or others) who sail on the yacht from time to time. These details include Qualifications (if any) and Personal Locator Beacon Hex ID. Crew entries can then be marked ‘Active’ (on the boat) or ‘Dormant’ (not onboard). This useful and sensible data capture is then available for Port Arrival reporting or for Emergency Rescue Services to identify who is onboard, their profiles and capabilities. YachtDataBank is working with the MCA & MRCC to develop the capability for Emergency Services to use an access passcode which may only be utilised when a Distress Call or Signal or Missing Yacht report is made, and will be tracked by YachtDataBank.

equipment icon


Equipment, Maintanance, Spares

By recording details of the equipment on your yacht, with model, serials nos., dates of purchase or manufacture, etc., even when you are hundreds of miles away from your yacht this information will be at your finger-tips. Which is when you often need it most. In the event of theft or a casualty claim on your insurers access to such details can be invaluable.

With the ability to record details of maintenance, ‘last / next check’ dates, and set reminder alarms for all equipment you choose, you can relax and concentrate on sailing and having fun. All those little jobs will still not be forgotten.

Knowing what spares for relevant equipment are onboard, and so what you need to buy for next season or at the next port of call, is once again going make life much less stressful, even if it is just a case of looking it up when you get to the chandlery.

These three features alone will demonstrate to insurers that your yacht is a better insurance risk, to future owners provide a continuity of knowledge of the yacht’s history, and as a result enhance its value, being a Yacht with a full service history.

yacht notes icon

Yacht Notes

Yacht Notes

(This feature is currently under ongoing development.)

Simply an area to make useful notes and aide memoire.

yacht insurance icon


Yacht Insurance

For now this is a folder to file and store pdf copies of your insurance documents both current and past – maintaining easy access for reference when needed and sharing with third parties like Marinas and Port Police / Coast Guard. YachtDatabank is currently engaging with preferred Insurers to develop direct access facilities to take up policy coverage and handle claims.

port arrival icon

Port Arrival

Port Arrival

(This feature is currently under ongoing development.)

Throughout Europe for many years it has been necessary for all yachts arriving to ‘check-in’ either with or through marina offices, or in some countries with Port Police / Coast Guard. Now following Brexit in the UK it is also a requirement for yachts to report to Customs and Immigration on arrival and departure using the C1331 form when they venture to and from Europe. YachtDataBank Port Arrival function will extract the necessary data from the information stored in your YachtDataBank records to enable automatic population of the required form and in time direct transmission of the data to the necessary authorities on your command.

legal icon


services icon



(This feature is currently under ongoing development.)

This area will continue to be developed as each preferred Supplier Partners and Service Providers is identified, preferential terms agreed and In-App links established. Including equipment & spares, repair & servicing, marinas & yards, as well as access to accredited Surveyors for inspections and surveys, be they sales & purchase, periodic inspections, or following a casualty.

incident log icon

Incident Log

Incident Log

Following any incident or accident, whether involving third parties or not, like a grounding or impact with an object in the water (minor or otherwise), it is very beneficial to record all the relevant information as soon as possible. A digital record is even more valuable. YachtDataBank ‘Incident Log’ provides owners with a template form to complete capturing these details. This can be shared with insurers if appropriate, or as a minor incident it becomes part of the historical record of the yacht. Then if you appoint a Surveyor to carry out a periodic inspection, or because you have concerns, he is able to review these incidents plus past Surveys and be better able to assess any issues, or confirm all is in order.

clean seas icon

Clean Seas

Clean Seas

(This feature is currently under ongoing development.)

This area will be developed in co-operation with various organisations and experts and enable Owners and their family / crew to gain useful information about tackling the plastic (and other) contamination of our seas, improving the sustainability of our most impressive and least understood environment, protecting and preserving the species that exist there. Development of tools for input and data collection that will feature here will enable Owners to contribute actively to initiatives and actions which will provide feedback on the YachtDataBank family achievements.

Supplier & Services Partners

Over the years our team has developed unique experience and relationships in the industry. Through this we are bringing together a select range of preferred partner Services and Suppliers who will lend their skills and services to YachtDataBank registered owners, offering both superior products / services, and preferential terms and discounts.

This group will extend throughout Europe and UK to include Marinas, Yards, Surveyors, Insurers, Safety Equipment, Navcomms & Deck Equipment, Sailmakers, Riggers, Paints, Clothing, etc.

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racing yachts in cradles

Surveys & Inspections

From the outset one of the core ambitions in developing YachtDataBank has been a desire to make a positive impact on the ongoing safety and structural integrity of Racing and Cruising Yachts – existing and newbuilds. A well designed, built and maintained yacht will keep it owners and crew safe across seas and oceans through calm and wild weather. Ongoing awareness and certainty of the structure and equipment is achieved through good maintenance and knowledge, and also periodic inspections and surveys. Our preferred partner Insurers appreciate the value of this and will reflect that in your terms.

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Clean Seas & Sustainability

YachtDataBank supports the UN Environment Programme’s Clean Seas campaign in its fight against marine plastic pollution. We passionately believe that, as mariners, we need to act and participate proactively to protect our oceans and stop the damaging effects our ‘civilisation’ is having on wildlife and ecosystems. Our Clean Seas icon will develop to provide key features to assist in this goal that will inform you and permit you to participate as part of the YachtDataBank family.

Alongside this, YachtDataBank will reserve 5% of our profits to provide grants and support other initiatives/ventures that are working to protect the world’s oceans or to enhance maritime safety.

Endorsers & Supporters

The yachting industry contains a wealth of experienced and dedicated people, innovators and creators, practitioners and thought leaders, with a common mission to increase the engagement and accessibility of yachting for as many people as possible, while maintaining and improving the safety of that experience. As a team we are privileged to be engaged with many of these individuals and companies, and are appreciative of their endorsement of our project and support for our endeavours.

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