What is YachtDataBank?

YachtDataBank is a platform (web and mobile app) that captures key data relating to individual sailing yachts and their crews, positively impacting their safety as well as being an indispensable tool for day to day operating of the yacht, whether you are afloat, at home, or in transit.


Making yacht owning admin easier, so you have more time to focus on sailing.



Launching in 2021 - more updates soon...

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App Features

YachtDataBank provides an intuitive and functional platform for the recording of all the useful information about

your yacht, plus access to additional

industry partner tools and services,

always accessible on mobile/tablet app and online via any device. 

Complementing the day to day utility of the App owners are able to create a core record of detailed surveys and inspection data, with facility for direct access to approved surveyors as and when required.




Why was YachtDataBank created?

The formation of YachtDataBank is a direct response to the increasing number of incidents where sailing yachts have experienced critical structure failures - in some cases resulting in loss of life.


Our aim has been to bring about an improvement in safety by promoting a new inspections protocol as standard across the industry, which will help to prevent critical structure failure.


These inspection records will be securely recorded and stored in YachtDataBank’s database, bonded to the yacht’s data profile throughout its lifetime, and available to the yacht's owner, and each subsequent owner, as required.

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(Photo credit - Paul Wyeth)

Plastic Polluted Ocean

Clean Seas

YachtDataBank strongly supports the UN environment’s Clean Seas campaign in its fight against marine plastic pollution.  


We passionately believe that, as sailors, we need to act proactively to protect our oceans and stop the damaging effects it is having on marine wildlife, fisheries, tourism, and marine ecosystems. Our Clean Seas icon will provide key features to assist in this goal.

Alongside this, YachtDataBank will reserve 5% of our profits to provide grants and support other initiatives/ventures that are working to protect the world’s oceans and marine life, and/or to enhance maritime safety.