Staying Afloat

7th December 2021

None of us want to ever step up into a life raft. John highlighted one of the growing issues that we have in offshore and oceanic racing – hitting stuff. With the tragic increase in rubbish in the oceans, the chances of hitti ...
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Unseen Hazards and Staying Afloat?

10th November 2021

Safety is a key part of the YachtDataBank mission – and there appears to be much food for thought out there. Most yacht owners are more than aware of the fragility of their existence on the water, and undertake regular maintena ...
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When some things break

20th October 2021

There is a lot of kit that we rely on for our everyday comfort and safety that is no longer manufactured in a way that allows mere mortals to repair it when it goes wrong. Long gone are the days of changing a blown valve in a te ...
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Staying Onboard – Or Not…

13th September 2021

Dee Caffari’s brilliant ‘mea culpa’ article about her recent overboard experience, whilst racing on a fully crewed yacht, highlighted how easily events can take a turn for the worse. Happily Dee was safely and swiftly recovered ...
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