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The YachtDataBank team are well versed in yacht structural issues arising and incidents that can and do happen. The images on this page demonstrate some of the consequences that arise. Involvement on the technical, safety and risk management side of professional yacht racing over the past 25 years, including IMOCA, America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race and MOD70 multi-hull classes, we know that structural damage arises from a number of causes. Including non-adherence to design specification, failure to implement and record build QC standards, lack of maintenance and periodic surveys/inspections, cumulative stress damage (keel impact and groundings), and good old fashioned user error.

In consultation with the Maritime & Coastguard Agency, Marine Accident Investigation Branch, and International Institute of Marine Surveyors our team has promoted creation of a new protocol and international Survey templates that will achieve both high standards and conformity of inspection, plus introduce digital creation and recording of Surveys. Reducing cost through efficiency, and creating certainty while helping owners know their yachts better. These Surveys will remain bonded to the Yacht’s data record for its lifetime. Owners will sleep better at night, and yachts will command a better price when it comes time to sell.

yacht with broken mast

Inspections and scans identify voids and flaws in carbon fibre structures that can be remedied before they fail.

yacht ran aground on rocks

Failure of a seal on the propeller shaft caused sea water flooding in the same way as a failed through hull fitting would. Pumps could not keep up and grounding was the last option to avoid sinking in deep water off Stromboli.

damaged yacht keel
yacht keel almost ripped from hull

When a 14m cruiser racer argues with a submerged rock about the accuracy of the Chart and GPS there is only one winner. The keel almost ripped out of the hull.

Lesser impact collisions / groundings also need inspecting for latent structural damage.

yacht keel damage
hole in yacht hull
capsized yacht

Yachts that have experienced keel structure failures – due to maintenance or retrofit issues.

capsized yacht with hull damage
capsized yacht with keel ripped off
capsized yacht
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